Dianne Rupp’s neighbors are remembering her tonight.

They said she was a kind woman.

Local 4 News spoke to the owner of Country Club Coffee, which is in that neighborhood.

He says both he and Rupp had a lot to talk about including their business, and their neighborhood.

“She was just very personable. I met her on multiple occasions, and I always thought she was outgoing. Very easy to get to know, she reminded me a lot of my mom,” says Drake Bishop, owner of Country Club Coffee.

He says he was able to relate to Rupp because they both were small business owners.

Bishop says he’ll miss seeing her around the community, and he’s disheartened that something like this could happen.

“It’s just I’m sick, sick to my stomach that it happened so close and to someone I knew,” says Bishop.

Cory McNich met Rupp nine years ago at karaoke night.

He says, “It’s so unreal, like something like that could not have happened to that woman.”

McNich says she was very helpful and loving when he moved to the Quad Cities. For that he is forever thankful.

“My first time meeting her she just took me under her wing, like we had been friends forever,” says McNich.

He says Rupp will be missed.

“She has left such an impact to Davenport, especially to the west end,” says McNich. “To have her gone in the way that it happened, it’s going to tear a huge hole into the community.”