A QCA blood bank is offering a new experience to blood donors.

ImpactLife has a new program where donors can wear mixed-reality headsets while giving blood. As Fox 18’s Michael Frachalla reports, users think it’s out of this world.

ImpactLife offers donors mixed-reality experience. (OurQuadCities.com)

The Mixed Reality experience is meant to help those who may be apprehensive about giving, providing a calming distraction and a fun way to participate. ImpactLife is using the Microsoft HoloLens 2, a self-contained holographic computer that enables a hands-free interaction with 3D digital objects.

The interactive software was developed in a partnership between Blood Centers of America and Abbott, a healthcare technology company serving the blood industry, a news release says.

Before starting, blood donors are offered a quick tutorial on the headsets and the mixed reality world. The donor puts on a lightweight mixed-reality headset. While they experience the digital world, the donor is always fully aware of their surroundings, and the collection specialist drawing the donation can interact with the donor throughout their donation as the donor’s eyes are always visible for monitoring and evaluation.