In 2021, a large rock from a dump truck crashed through Megan Wentland’s car windshield.

After almost two years of surgeries and rehab, friends of Wentland say they are seeing improvement each day.

“Thankfulness … and God is good.”

Those are the emotions felt by Wentland on her path to recovery.

Friends of Megan say her recovery journey has been a long one but believe her beliefs keep her going.

“I think her faith has a lot to do with it,” said Bev Hart, owner of The Potter’s House. “God has given her great tenacity and she uses it to the fullest extent. Every time I see her, it’s a little bit better. Physically she is great.”

But the accident affected Megan verbally and on top of that, she’s dealing with multiple sclerosis.

“So she has is called aphasia, so she understands everything that we say,” Hart said. “But when she goes to respond, the words can get a little bit difficult. But every time I see her, I hear new words, I see new actions. She’s still getting after it.”

Hart says Megan’s strength inspired her to create a special place in honor of her friend at her store.

The corner dedicated to Megan is decorated with butterflies, a symbol for MS.

“She raises her monarch butterflies,” Hart said. “Well, wouldn’t it be cool to have a corner in the store in her honor? Because she has fought so hard and so anything we get with butterflies, gardening — all of the good things go in Megan’s corner.”

Megan is grateful for those who’ve supported her through her journey: “Thank you.”