Food banks are the backbone for food pantries.

River Bend Foodbank in Davenport has two challenges right now: the growing number of people who need food and not getting a lot of donations at a time when food is more expensive for everyone.

Mike Miller, the President and CEO of River Bend, says they understand what people go through, which is why they’re paying close attention when it comes to the country’s economy.

“Inflation is like the cruelest, most regressive tax of all, because you think about folks who are on fixed income or don’t know how to make ends meet, and then you increase the cost of everything they pay for,” said Miller.

“That just makes it harder. So we very much pay attention to inflation here at the food bank. When COVID hit, the need jumped 50% and it eased back to 40%. Earlier in the year, the government would send out a bunch of checks and now they’re not anymore. And we’re starting to see more people come back to food pantries.”