Interactive map tool shows likelihood of catching COVID-19 at holiday gatherings

Local News

An interactive risk assessment tool could help people determine the risks of in person gatherings and travel this holiday season.

Researchers from Georgia Tech created a risk assessment map tool that predicts how likely it is you will come in contact with someone that has coronavirus based on location and the number of people at the gathering.

Janet Hill, the chief operating officer for the Rock Island County health official says the tool is a way for people to see the risks across the country and here locally.

“The numbers are nearly guaranteed that you were going to get COVID if you are in a group that was approaching 50 [people]. But it only went down to about 50% in our region if you went down to 10 [people],” she said.  

Because of the high risk in our area, she is urging people to rethink their in-person Thanksgiving plans and limit gatherings to only people in your households.

The map is updated daily with the latest information on how many cases have been tallied in every county across America. Therefore, an 8% chance of encountering an infected person on Monday could become a 12% risk by Friday.

The tool also assumes that the actual number of coronavirus cases is up to 10 times higher than what’s in the official reports, because not all cases will be caught by tests.

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