A new partnership is giving at-risk youth a chance to learn some trade skills.

Arrowhead Ranch recently partnered with John Deere to relauch it’s welding program.

The school has not used their welding facility since the 1980s, but with this partnership classes began last fall.

Students will learn three main types of welding skills, mainly mig welding typically used on production lines are in high demand for welding skills in the Quad Cities.

A teacher from Arrowhead Ranch believes the program teaches students valuable life skills.

“It’s really rewarding and it’s really excitring to watch the kids leave and to then call us back and tell us what they’re doing and how we were an inspiration to theme while they were here in their short amount of time,” Kevin Roesner said.

Arrowhead Ranch says through its welding program students can apply those credits to high school apprenticeships in the future.