Iowa distilleries can now serve all alcoholic beverages

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State law change allows distilleries to sell wine & beer along with spirits

A law change in Iowa allows distilleries to do more.

One local business owner expects a big impact on his bottom line.

Ryan Burchett owns the Mississippi River Distiling Company in LeClaire.

Tomorrow marks the first day he’ll be selling wine and beer at his shop.

State legislators passed the law earlier this year.

It allows distilleries to also hold a winery or brewery permit.

That change is the second in three years that helps distilleries.

In 2017, Iowa lawmakers started allowing distilleries to sell cocktails by the glass.

Before, they were only allowed to offer tastings or sell by the bottle.

Burchett says since the 2017 law passed, his business has doubled.

He says this year’s law allows him to expand even more.

Now that he can sell a full range of alcoholic beverages, Burchett is investing more than a million dollars into a new event space.

He says Iowa’s old alcohol laws dated back to prohibition days; more than eight decades.

That’s why he’s been pushing for laws like these for the last seven years.

“The mid-level of retail is going away and you’re either an online superstore or you’re an experience and LeClaire is an experience. The distillery is an experience. People want to come here, they want to meet the people who made it, they want to taste it, they want to feel it,” Burchett says.

The Mississippi River Distilling Company officially serves wine and beer starting tomorrow, during LeClaire’s First Friday celebration.

It happens every month and tomorrow marks number 100, which means free food and drink samples, door prizes and giveaways at the distillery.

You can find more information on the event here.

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