Part 1: Gov. Reynolds faces lawsuit over decision to cut off federal pandemic unemployment benefits

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds faces a lawsuit over her decision to end the state’s participation in federal pandemic unemployment benefits early.

Reynolds announced in May she was ending Iowa’s involvement for the unemployed to receive an extra $300 per week in federal benefits, three months before they were set to expire. Reynolds said she made this decision because businesses were struggling to find workers and the move would encourage people to return to work.

The lawsuit claims Reynolds’ decision violated a law that says Iowa’s workforce agency “shall cooperate with the United States Department of Labor to the fullest extent” necessary in order “to secure to this state and its citizens all advantages available” under federal unemployment programs, the Associated Press reported.

Hear from the attorneys representing the Iowans who are suing to get the benefits restored.

Part 2: Ken Quinn sees similarities between US exits from Vietnam and Afghanistan

Iowan Ken Quinn served as U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia but also spent time in Vietnam with the U.S. State Department. He sees some similarities between the U.S. exits from Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Part 3: Afghans who helped US will be good Americans, Ken Quinn says

Former U.S. Ambassador Ken Quinn says some Afghans who worked with the U.S. military during the war have been killed by the Taliban as the group takes over the country. Quinn thinks that most Americans would agree the U.S. military shouldn’t abandoned them.

Insiders Quick 6: Ken Quinn

Ken Quinn is back for the Insiders Quick 6.

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