Iowa toddler saved by ‘divine intervention’

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An Iowa toddler is fighter for his life after he was trapped in a fire on September 4. His grandfather says it was “divine intervention” that saved him.

17 month-old Ezekiel Adkins came into this world of fighter.

“He started out he was low premature because he had a like a 300 heart rate,” said Dave Smith, grandfather of Ezekiel Adkins. “They did an emergency c-section so he kind of come into this world with a little excitement.”

He overcame that in his family a certain hell do it again.

“He’s a pretty strong lad,” said Dave Smith.

The grandfather says the toddler was trapped in a fire in his council bluffs home Friday night firefighters rescued him and his three-year-old brother Jameson from the flames.

James was treated for smoke inhalation, but Ezekiel has burns covering 60% of his body.

“So he’s got some deep burns. Crossed his buttocks. His back and back of his legs.”

Dave Smith says the young boy also has a lot of lung damage. He was flown to the St. Elizabeth Burns Center in Lincoln Friday night.

“He made it through the night, which was a miracle in itself,” said Dave Smith. “We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Saturday morning medical officials flew him to the University of Iowa Children’s’ Hospital.

There they have a machine that can take the carbon dioxide from his blood Ezekiel hasn’t needed it yet and he’s taking a few breaths on his own but the biggest concern now is trying to get blood flow in his legs.

Smith says it was divine intervention that cruise saved his grandsons that night.

In a post on the Council Bluffs Fire Department’s Facebook page, Chief Justin James says the performance of Fridays fire is what they train for, saying quote:

“Last night. You were as good as it gets you gave a second chance to the victims with seconds to spare smith says first responders performed magnificently. He puts his trust in faith that his grandson will recover.”

If you wish to donate to his recovery fund, you can do so here.

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