Iran’s renewed commitment to nuclear enrichment will test Trump Administration

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Political and diplomatic questions being weighed as sanctions devastate Iran's economy

Here are some of the topics our panel discussed on 4 The Record this week.

  • Iran expands its nuclear enrichment program beyond the limits under the nuclear deal the Trump administration voided.
  • A look inside the detention centers holding migrants provides some unsettling images…
  • Governor Kim Reynolds will leave a lasting mark on Iowa long after she leaves office whenever that is.

All of these things came up for discussion with Democratic Political Consultant Kevin Perkins and Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann on 4 The Record.

Governor Kim Reynolds

Something that isn’t getting a lot of media attention is Reynolds’ lasting influence on the state supreme court.

She already appointed two justices. She would get to make a third if she wins re-election.

What used to be a court that tilted to the left is now strongly conservative and will likely be more so.

It’s now a 5-2 conservative majority.

Perkins and Kaufmann discussed how significant this is politically and what the likelihood is Iowa will become a state for key legal challenges on hot-button issues.


One hot-button issue that seemed to get hotter this week is immigration.

Images from detention centers near the border with Mexico show migrants in crowded and smelly conditions, the president hinted at defying the Supreme Court decision that keeps the citizenship question off the census, NPR reports President Trump wants to withdraw deportation protection for families of active troops and an article in the San Francisco Chronicle indicates the administration could stop providing intepreters at the first hearings for immigrants.

This seems extreme.

Kaufmann and Perkins addressed to what extent these are campaign fear tactics or serious policy from the president and what the ramifications of each are.


It’s hard to think things could get worse with Iran, but that continues to be the case.

The country has now surpassed the limit of low-enriched uranium it’s allowed to stockpile under the nuclear agreement. Of course, that’s the agreement the Trump administration pulled out of.

Iran’s economy is arguably on the ropes from U.S. sanctions. Desperate countries can take desperate action.

Analysts say Iran’s increasing stockpile can speed up its ability to build a nuclear weapon.

Perkins and Kaufmann talked about how concerned the world should be if Iran goes beyond the point of no return and gets the bomb and what realistic options there are to stop it.

Question of the week

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