Purebred dogs have been common in the U.S. for years, but a new survey shows some pet owners are changing their minds about where to find their next pet.

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, a pet rescue website, conducted a study showing a significant shift in attitudes towards adopting over buying. In Illinois, 60% of respondents said they would rather adopt than shop. Iowa animal lovers edge them out, with 64% saying their next furry friend is coming from a shelter. Nebraska had the most pet parents willing to adopt, with 81%, while only 14% of South Dakota residents plan to adopt. The high cost of purebred dogs is a deterrent for many; breeds like Rottweilers and Chow Chows can reach up to $10,000. Health issues for purebreds, like respiratory issues for English Bulldogs and Pugs, can make owners think twice.

“This increasing trend towards shelter dog adoption promises substantial improvements in the welfare of homeless animals,” said Annette Thompson, Executive Director of Bone Voyage Dog Rescue. “The shift could lead to a decrease in the number of dogs in shelters, as more are adopted.”

When more dogs find homes, the overall population in shelters will shrink and shelters will have more resources, including space, staff attention and medical care, for the rest. This shift would result in better living conditions for the remaining animals. The adopted dogs will receive more space, personal attention and stability, as well as consistent care, training, and socialization opportunities that will lead to better physical health and behavior.