Captain Jason Dickey, Illinois State Police (ISP) District 7 Commander, has announced the results of a Roadside Safety Check (RSC) that was held in Rock Island County from the late night hours of August 26 to the early morning hours of August 27. The checkpoint was conducted by District 7 officers at Illinois Route 92 Eastbound, west of 34th Street in Moline. As a result of the RSC, there were 11 citations for driver’s license offenses, three insurance violations and one alcohol/drug citation for a total of 13 citations and four written warnings.

Capt. Dickey also released the results of the Distracted Driving Enforcement Program during August. There were 16 handheld phone/device citations and five texting while driving citations for a total of 21 distracted driving citations. The extra enforcement patrols were made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The ISP released the results of the Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement Patrols for August. There were two Driving Under the Influence (DUI) citations, two other alcohol/drug citations, four occupant restraint offences, 12 registration offences, nine driver’s license offences and six insurance violations for a total of 37 citations/arrests and 36 written warnings. Alcohol and drug impairment factor into over 30% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes in Illinois. There’s an alcohol related traffic fatality every 53 minutes in the U.S.

The results of the Occupant Restraint Enforcement Patrols (OREP) for August were released as well. There were 24 seat belt violations and two child restraint violations for a total of 43 citations and 17 total warnings. This project is funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation.