‘It could save your life like it saved mine’: Moline man who credits COVID-19 for discovering his cancer diagnosis is now cancer-free

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We first brought you the story of a Moline man who credits a coronavirus scare for saving his life.

Don Lind says he started having symptoms like shortness of breath, loss of appetite and coughing.

He says he gets bronchitis every year, so he wasn’t alarmed at first, but when he went to the doctor to get tested for the coronavirus, the results came back negative.

Doctors discovered he had a rare type of cancer called sarcoma.

“They took a biopsy, and then when they took the pictures, they said this thing is really growing. It used to be the size of a golf ball. Now, it’s the size of a tennis ball,” says Lind.

He says, as the cancer was growing in size, so was his faith.

“I have good days, bad days, and the bad days I have to keep pushing and fighting,” says Lind.

That’s what it has been — a fight to get back to his normal life. Even learning to walk all over again.

His wife, Maria Lind, says although finding out her husband had cancer was devastating, she’s happy they were able to catch it in time.

“I can breathe as far as the results of the surgery, and I’m glad that it was discovered when it was discovered,” she says.

Don Lind says, “They said if you don’t have the surgery, you’ve got less than a year to live, so they had to be honest with me.”

Lind had his surgery in early June, but due to coronavirus concerns, he had to go through it alone.

“She couldn’t even come up to Iowa City and visit with me. It was like I was almost doing it by myself,” he says.

Now, he’s back at home with his family and his cats.

He has traded his tears in for a big smile.

“Well, I’m cancer-free, so I’m just happy I’m alive,” says Lind. “If you have any symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing, loss of appetite, go to your doctor — get checked out. You may think it’s nothing, but be on the safe side because this could save your life. It saved my life.”

The next step for Lind, as part of his recovery, he will be undergoing radiation treatments over the next seven weeks.

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