It’s now 2022, and people are gearing up for the first major snowstorm of the season.

A winter storm warning that includes heavy snow and gusty winds is in effect 6 a.m. Saturday to midnight Sunday.

Towns in far southeast Iowa are expected to get the most snow.

People were out all day Friday preparing for the storm while, at the same time, getting ready for the new year.

Local 4 News stopped by Fareway in Davenport, where Matt Holderman caught a glimpse of how shoppers were battling the traffic.

He says “crazy” and “busy” are words Quad Citians used to describe the scene, which made it hard for some people to find parking spots.

Crowds were so much to handle that, when asked to do an interview, one worker said they didn’t have any time on their hands.

“Very crazy. Very crazy,” said one shopper. “I’ve been to a couple other places, and it is awful. The traffic, the people. I think it’s a combination of being New Year’s and the storm tomorrow.”

The Fareway parking lot reflected that with lines of cars sometimes out to the traffic light and only maybe a dozen free spaces at times.

Thousands were out on the roads Friday for fear that they may not be able to get out on Saturday.

“Living in Davenport, you’re the last people to get cleaned off,” added the shopper. “If you get six or more inches of snow, you might as well plan on staying home, anyway, because you’re not going to get out until they clean the streets.”

Some shoppers, however, weren’t as concerned about the impending snowstorm and were just ready to ring in the new year.

“I’m picking up some stuff for the New Year’s weekend. Not so much for the snow … just for the New Year’s weekend,” said another shopper. “We’re used to it by now.”

Whether shopping in preparation for the storm or New Year’s festivities, many people went home Friday night with cars full of food and plans to not come out Saturday for the first day of 2022.

“I’m just going to get done here, and I just live over that direction, and I’m going to hunker down,” said the the first shopper.

Need to go out in Davenport this weekend? Find snow routes here.