It Takes A Village is teaming up with Muscatine Veterinary Hospital and launching a new program to assist elderly members of the community with access to veterinary care for their beloved pets.

“We know that transportation and mobility can be a big hurdle for some older folks, and we don’t want that to stand in the way of their furbabies receiving the care they need,” It Takes a Village announced Tuesday on their Facebook page. This is a free service. It is open to Muscatine residents who are over 75, with additional consideration for special cases. This service is available for clients at Muscatine Veterinary Hospital.

Transportation will need to be requested when you are making your vet appointment, and they cannot guarantee same-day requests. A transport volunteer will pick your pet up at the entrance of your home. Cats will need to already be loaded into a pet taxi. Pets will be returned to the same location following the appointment.

The pet owner will need to be available for a phone call while appointment is occurring so that your veterinarian can communicate all medical information directly with you, and payment can be collected over the phone. No medical information will be communicated by the driver.

With the inception of this new program, this increases the need for transport volunteers. “If you are willing and able to help out, we would love to have you join our squad of big hearted humans, helping animals that need us,” the organization said.

It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources is a nonprofit that provides refuge, medical care, nourishment and forever families to homeless animals, as well as providing community resources for animal education and low-cost spay/neuter.

For more information, call 563-265-0883.