“It was dehumanizing” Galesburg mother speaks out about battle with COVID-19

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Caring for six kids under the age of 19 is no easy task. One Galesburg mom found herself caring for them and also herself while battling COVID-19.

Jody Robinson works in sales at Yemm Auto Group. Back in October she contracted the virus and the news was very discouraging.

“I cried. I felt like I had let down my community and that here we are all trying collectively to not get sick and not spread this and I was sick.”

Three out of her six children also tested positive, but their symptoms were more mild compared to her symptoms.

“My five year old I kissed him on his mouth lip to lip the morning I was tested and he never got it.”

Robinson and her kids had very different symptoms, with her having the most severe in the family.

“I had this intense fever and headache and extreme fatigue.” Said Robinson. “My nine year old who got it, he had like vomit diarrhea issues for three days, then was fine. My 17 year old got it, he didn’t really have symptoms and my 13 year old felt like she had a bad cold.”

Robinson says that the experience was brutal and it’s not over. She is still feeling some of the effects of COVID-19 over a month after her battle with it.

“My taste and smell is very very limited and probably it was the most dehumanizing experience to wake up and not be able to smell or taste anything.”

While she was at her sickest, Robinson made a few video’s chronicling her time while dealing with the virus.

“I just got in my chair in my bedroom without any makeup on and just said hey guys this is real. I have COVID-19.” Robinson said. “I just wanted to put a face to the disease and I wanted them to know that you do know somebody and this is serious.”

Robinson wants to raise awareness that the virus and it’s symptoms are real and she wants everyone to mask up to help prevent the spread.

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