The first lawsuit related to the partial collapse of an apartment building in downtown Davenport on May 28 has been filed in Scott County Court.

The lawsuit accuses defendants of “outrageous neglect and apathy.” Killed in the collapse were Daniel Prien, Ryan Hitchcock and Branden Colvin Sr. All of their bodies have been recovered.

Local 4 News reached out to Andrew Wold’s management company, but we have not heard back.

Daniel Prien’s family spoke with Local 4 News:

“It’s very emotional,” said Jessica Lowery, his niece. “We haven’t heard from him for a while. And that’s usually what he does and then he’ll pop up. Or he’ll call one of us and talk to us. This all could’ve been prevented if they would’ve just paid a closer attention to the reports.”

Meanwhile, frustration and tension run high in downtown Davenport, where the focus now is on the property owner and the city government.

“I want them all charged with murder,” one person said.

People who have dealt with Andrew Wold and his properties are sharing what that experience was like for them. Schlaan Murray used to live in the building, and moved out
three months before it went down.

“I’m blessed that I was able to make it out when I did,” said Murray, who swears he never again will live in a high rise. “It was hell. You know this was a place to where I got to have my kids come and visit me. I found out my AC and my heat didn’t work. It was never fixed. Never was fixed the whole time I was there. Cause nobody should’ve been living in this place anyway.”

Others living in Wold’s properties echo the same kind of frustration. “The inspector won’t do anything. Right now, we have bricks coming out of our building as well. We have electrical issues. Which the electrical company won’t do work on,” one tenant said.

Others are calling for the removal of the mayor and the city inspector. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” Murray said. “You will be accounted for. They all will be accounted for.”

To hear what else Schlaan Murray has to say, click on the video above.

On Monday, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds toured the collapse site and talked with officials.