‘It was scary’: QC visitor narrowly escapes dangerous winter storm

Local News

The aftermath of a second round of snow and ice is making this weekend all about clean-up.

We stopped by parts of the Quad-cities to see what homeowners are dealing with after the area received more than seven inches of snow combined over two storms. Some roads are still a slushy mess even though crews have been working around the clock.

The Quad-Cities was hit twice this week with winter storms bringing snow and ice. “My goodness, it was terrible,” said Bil Sullivan, who used to live in the area. His son lives in Rock Island.

Sullivan was on his way to visit for the holidays when he ran into the storm as he got closer to the Quad Cities.

“It was scary. I was coming up from Texas driving a Prius, not the kind of car you drive in this kind of weather out here,” he said. “It’s a south Texas car. On I-35, the conditions just deteriorated dramatically, faster than I could ever imagine. I was behind a semi and they were just plowing a path for me.”

As the conditions worsened, Sullivan realized it wasn’t safe to continue driving.

“I had to get off the road to find a hotel. My son, over the phone, did that. He lives here. The GPS guided me to that and I was stranded there overnight.”

Adding to the difficulty of driving in the snow that night was the amount of traffic on the highway.

“There were many semis on the road,” Sullivan said. “One of them was carrying brand-new cars and kaboom! on the side of the road. It wasn’t on its side, but it was in the ditch.”

One of Sullivan’s favorite things to do when he comes back to the Quad-Cities is to go for a walk across the Centennial Bridge. But right now he isn’t able to do that.

“You couldn’t even walk,” he said. “You can’t go outside. You know ice-covered snow. I had a shoulder surgery last year – you know, three tendons torn.

“I was in a cast and everything,” Sullivan said. “You go through something like that, you’re very aware and I can’t fall.”

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