‘It’s a dream come true’ Davenport resident grateful for DREAM Project neighborhood restoration funds

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Davenport city leaders are working to improve neighborhoods, by helping people make improvements to their home.

This is the second year for the ‘Davenport DREAM Project’

City council approved $900,000 to give to homeowners in designated areas.

Homeowners sent in applications this past spring.

This week 28 people learned they were selected, and would receive a $20,000 forgivable loan.

“When this came about, and we were told we were selected it was like a dream come true,” says recipient Sylvia Silva.

Silva says she has been wanting to make several home repairs for years.

“It’s improving our home which we wanted to do, but could not completely afford it,” says Silva.

Silva says she plans to fix her sidewalk, improve the foundation of her home, painting, and also getting a new fence.

She says she’s beginning to see more people fix up their homes in the Kirkwood neighborhood.

“That’s a great thing because property values will increase. Now if we can get certain matters like violence, and shootings. Maybe with everyone in the neighborhood taking care of what they got and keeping it up will possibly deter any of that activity from happening in this neighborhood,” says Silva.

The grant has given Silva motivation to make more home repairs outside of the grant. She’s hoping it will motivate more neighbors as well.

“It’s the push we needed to get us motivated to do these other things. Hopefully it will be motivation for other people in the neighborhood,” says Silva.

She says she’s forever grateful for the dream project.

“I always said I would own a house in this neighborhood, and my dream came true. Now with this it became even sweeter,” says Silva.

Silva says she throws a party every year for BIX. She’s hoping all repairs will be completed by next year for that event.

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