‘It’s scary’: Businesses react after shooting on Brady Street

Local News

Davenport police make an arrest after a shooting at a convivence store.

That shooting happened near a high school football game last night. 

This happened at the corner of Brady and 31st Streets.

19-year-old Jaterrius Greer is currently being held in the Scott County Jail facing multiple charges. 

When Local 4 arrived around 7:40 Thursday, a bleeding man rushed up to our photographer saying he’d been shot.

Just minutes before, police say Greer entered the Brady Mart, and was waiting in line to pay for items.  

Another person entered the store, and walked towards the back. Police say Grier pulled a gun, and began shooting.

There was an exchange of gunfire.

Nearby business owners are speaking out, on edge from that violence.

One Brady Street business owner, who did not want to be identified tells Local 4 the violence that happened last night has him on edge. 

He says, “It’s scary. Times are tough all around the country now, and it’s just scary when you see someone running by your office building at night with a gun freely in their hands.”

He says Brady Street is a busy area. 

“It’s hard to avoid it which makes it odder that someone would be running freely in the City of Davenport with a loaded gun essentially in front of other businesses,” he says.

“Honestly it’s concerning when anything like this happens in your neighborhood or nearby
Just down the street at Running Wild, Manager Ryan Vanbuer says hearing about violence like this is frightening. 

“Honestly it’s concerning when anything like this happens in your neighborhood or nearby,” says Vanbuer. “It’s always a surprise or shocker a little bit. There have been stories a little more with city wide cases like this, but it’s a shock when it’s so close to home,” says Vanbuer.

Vanbuer says with Brady Street being so busy, and a football game happening just 2 blocks away the situation could have been much worse.  

Events like that with people around are always a scary event. I mean it was at night but it wasn’t late at night and that’s definitely a troubling thing.”

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