‘It’s scary’: Neighbors speak out after stolen truck damages multiple vehicles following police chase in Davenport

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The sound of screeching tires, then crunching metal.

Neighbors who witnessed the aftermath of Wednesday night’s wild collision involving a stolen truck in Davenport speak up.

Police say 27-year-old Kayln Fonner was behind it. She’s now accused of felony theft and eluding police.

Authorites say the incident started as a chase.

They spotted her in the stolen truck, and that’s when they say she sped off, eventually causing that crash on Locust Street and Grand.

Two other cars were hit. The red truck flipped on its side. No one was seriously hurt.

“It’s scary,” says 11-year-old Miley Kone, a Grand Avenue resident.

Kone says she, her sister and friend were all inside the house when the incident happened.

“We heard a big boom, and then we just thought it was a firework. Then, when we went outside, it was a bunch of smoke, and then there was a car wreck. It was crazy! Then, it was a stolen car we heard, and it was all like crazy,” says Kone.

As a result of Wednesday’s crash, the columns of the veteran home on Grand Avenue have been completely torn off.

On the grass, you can still see the skid marks, and a street sign that was damaged.

Neighbors like Willie Dean, who lives in the veteran home, says the neighborhood is mostly peaceful, but Wednesday night was everything but.

“For something like that to happen, it just woke up the whole entire neighborhood,” says Dean.

Dean says his concern is for the youth in the community.

“It’s very shocking and very frightening for some of the kids in the neighborhood. We have children that walk down the sidewalk, and it’s very unsafe for children to be worried about somebody coming on the sidewalk like that.”

Kone says, “It’s kind of scary. It looked cool, but it was scary also because people got hurt.”

It’s not clear when the damage to the veterans home will be repaired.

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