‘It’s unfortunate’ Bettendorf city leaders plan to stop providing snow removal, engineering services to Riverdale

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Retaliation against Riverdale. The City of Bettendorf is planning on cutting off snow removal services to the neighboring community.

That word comes on the first day the QCA saw snow.

It all stems from a story Local 4 News has been covering for months.

Riverdale cut off the connector from the Mississippi Riverfront Trail to the Duck Creek Bike Path.

It goes through the Havens Acres Neighborhood, but neighbors complained about the bicycle traffic.

Riders now have to go around the neighborhood, and cross Highway 67. They say it’s dangerous.

So far the sides haven’t found a compromise. Now Bettendorf, city leaders plan to stop providing snow removal, and engineering services to Riverdale.

Earlier this month there were meetings held to discuss the closing of the sidewalk extension between the MRT, and the South Kensington neighborhood.

In those discussions, the Bettendorf City Council felt the response by Riverdale Mayor Mike Bawden was not responsive to the concerns the council raised.

Bettendorf city leaders now feel the cooperation between the two cities have been destroyed.

The agreement that’s in place now expires on November 11th.

Bettendorf City Administrator, Decker Ploehn says the lack of consideration regarding the connector forced this decision.

Ploehn says, “We had conversations with the City of Riverdale about that closure. Obviously we think that’s not a good thing for the community, and asked them to reconsider that action. They decided not to do that so this is a direct decision related to that action.”

Meanwhile Bawden says he’s saddened by the news, but the city has to move forward.

“It’s unfortunate. We really appreciated the great job the Bettendorf Public Works Department did. It was a tremendous service at a tremendous value. We’re going to have to spend a little bit more money, and hire a private contractor, but that’s what we have done for the last 50 years,” says Bawden.

Bettendorf city council will discuss the situation more Monday night at their committee at the whole meeting.

The decision is slated for approval Tuesday night on the consent agenda.

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