Students from seven area high schools earned the opportunity to compete in the Drs. David & Agnes Palmer Junior Achievement Titan Competition on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at Palmer College, Davenport.

The competition — sponsored by Vickie Anne Palmer in honor of her parents — was won by Mediapolis High School. Second place went to Pleasant Valley High School and third to Wilton High School.

Pleasant Valley High School’s team included students Izaac Harvey, left, Colin LeMoine, Evan Noack, and Jame Thiel, with their mentor Steffen Timmer from Deloitte.

The JA Titan Competition is a business strategy tournament in which high school students compete as business CEOs in the cell phone industry, experiencing firsthand how an organization evaluates alternatives, makes decisions, analyzes the outcomes of those decisions, and then strategizes what to do next, according to Moline-based Junior Achievement.

With a focus on financial literacy and insights into the workforce, JA Titan brings business economics to life. As students work in teams, or on their own, to make financial decisions about production, marketing, research and development, and corporate social responsibility, they begin to see how every choice made in an organization relates to its future success.

The success or failure of the student-led companies depend on how well the students manage key decisions. At the end of the competition, the top three performing teams emerged as the “Titans of Business” and win scholarship money for post-secondary education ($1,000 each student for 1st place; $750 each for 2nd and $500 for 3rd).

Wilton’s team featured Max Yohe, left, Aiden Hewitt, Kaden Shirk, and Caden Kirkman.

Twenty-eight teams competed in November during qualifying rounds held throughout JA of the Heartland’s 23-county area.

Each team included four students and one business mentor (an adult community volunteer).  Schools with teams advancing to the Scholarship Round on Wednesday were: Davenport West High School, Geneseo High School, Mediapolis High School, Mendota Township High School, Pleasant Valley High School, Southwestern Wisconsin High School (two teams), and Wilton High School.

The Drs. David & Agnes Palmer JA Titan Competition is one example of how Junior Achievement is teaching entrepreneurship to students. The competition allows students a hands-on opportunity to act as CEO of a company. As a team, the students work to turn a new product into a profitable business.