John Deere bridging the gap between technology, agriculture at Consumer Electronics Show

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Many events throughout the pandemic have gone virtual and that includes the Consumer Electronics Show.

While the latest phone and gaming systems are shown off, John Deere is in its third year of participating.

Instead of showing off that type of technology, they explain how important agricultural technology is that works to help feed the world. This year’s theme is “From the Ground Up.”

“Agriculture has to meet the challenge, like it has met the challenge up to this point, which is to continue to produce abundant food at an affordable price safely,” said Than Hartsock, John Deere Director – Corn and Soy Production Systems. “Our technology is a component of what enables that growth.”

Because the show was virtual this year, they used virtual reality to bring the farm to the people taking them places they never could have gone before.

“We actually give them the opportunity to go below the soil surface and essentially allow the tractor and the planter to plant right over top of them,” Hartsock said.

The virtual display helps bridge the gap between agriculture and technology.

“We really get to start with the very basics relative to the equipment, to the seeds, why agriculture matters, where our food comes from,” said Jenny Ose, John Deere Director – Marketing and Shared Services.

More information about CES can be found here. More information on what John Deere is doing this year can be found here.

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