Junior Achievement of the Heartland and RSM have teamed up to provide JA Take Stock in Your Future and JA Stock Market Challenge, a simulation-based program in which high school students compete by investing and trading fake funds in the real market creating draft portfolios as teams, and finalizing their stock selections. 

(Junior Achievement)

 “JA Stock Market Challenge is an exciting JA educational offering,” said Dougal Nelson, president and CEO of JA of the Heartland. “This learning experience, made possible with the support of RSM, is building future leaders by bringing to life buying and selling stocks.” 

 JA Stock Market Challenge alongside JA Take Stock in Your Future introduces high school students to the basic concepts of how the stock market works and the impact of current events on the stock market. Students discover the benefits and challenges of investing in the stock market as part of a broader, long-term investment strategy and the risks and rewards of trading. 

At the JA Stock Market Challenge there will also be an opportunity for corporate teams of 3-4 players to go head to head to evaluate trends and compete for the attention of floor traders to make trades, buy, and sell shares. The team with the highest ROI at the end of 60 days will be crowned the JA Stock Market Champion!

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