‘Just blatant untrue’: Whiteside County Health Department addresses rumors about vaccination allocations

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So many are still waiting for a COVID-19 vaccination. It appears that impatience is turning into rumors in Whiteside County.

Health officials were accused of turning down doses of the vaccine.

They respond saying the opposite is true.

Health officials say the count’s weekly COVID-19 allocations are determined by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

They say they always ask for the full allocation.

“At this time we don’t have any idea how this started,” says Cory Law, Emergency Response Coordinator for the Whiteside County Health Department.

Law says the claims are baseless, and he says in fact the Health Department, hospitals, and healthcare partners have even rallied for additional vaccine.

“Just blatant untrue,” says Law. “We know that vaccine supply is slowly increasing, but at this time it still remains pretty limited. Majority of the doses being sent out by the State of Illinois are being directed towards second doses, finishing up those who have already received their first.”

Marvin Loy, Whiteside County resident says, “It kind of makes you wonder what’s going on. You would think the way that they were originally talking that quite a few people were getting it, but now you’re hearing more about people who haven’t gotten it.”

Loy says the pace in which the vaccine is being rolled out has him concerned.

“People are sick and dying everyday from it. You don’t know how bad this thing is going to get,” says Loy.

Law says he wants people to know they are working to get everyone vaccinated.

“That increase in vaccines are coming. Just make sure you are signed up on wait lists wherever you can. Whether that’s with the Whiteside County Health Department. Whether that’s with your healthcare provider, your primary care physician, or one of the pharmacies. Get on the list, as long as you’re on the list you will get called when vaccines or appointments are available,” says Law.

Thr health department also gave out vaccinations Thursday. About 450 people received their shots.

A majority of those were for the second dose.

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