Juveniles enter garage and home, steal car in Bettendorf

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A car theft in broad daylight, in a quiet neighborhood, while the family was still home. That’s what happened Sunday morning to the Clark family in Bettendorf.

Brittany Clark told Local 4 News she had just been at her mother’s house to pick up her daughter and bring her fishing with her grandparents Sunday morning. Just minutes after Brittany left her mother’s house, she got a call from her mother who was in tears, saying a group of juveniles had just broken into her garage and stolen her car.

Brittany said the group of thieves even briefly entered her mother’s house, likely searching for keys to steal the second car parked in the garage. Brittany’s mother was not attacked, nor was the second car stolen. However, the first car wasn’t just stolen; it was used by the thieves to steal other cars throughout the day, and sustained damage to its body.

Police recovered the car approximately 12 hours after it was originally stolen. The juveniles left the car abandoned in the parking lot of Cross Creek Apartments in Davenport, without the keys inside it. This forced Brittany’s mother to buy a new set of keys and pay to have the car impounded until she could drive it again.

Brittany said the original set of keys were just found this afternoon, Wednesday, by Bettendorf Police. The keys were inside another abandoned, stolen car.

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