The Quad Cities Chamber has launched a new initiative called Keep It QC to encourage all Quad Citizens do business locally to improve the economy.

According to the Chamber, buying local has many benefits to the region, including helping local businesses rebound from the financial difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Businesses and individuals are encouraged to make a conscientious choice to buy as many goods and services in the Quad Cities as they can,” Chamber President & CEO Paul Rumler said. “Whether you’re buying clothes from a local boutique or commissioning a nearby architectural firm to expand your company’s headquarters, it all makes a positive impact on our local economy.”

The benefits of Keep It QC include:

  • Increases the gross regional product (GRP), an indicator of the region’s economic health.
  • Local purchases support local roads, schools, parks, police and fire departments through the local taxes generated through using local businesses.
  • It helps support and create jobs locally.
  • Strong businesses increase regional attractiveness which can help attract other businesses to the area.

The Chamber adds that spending local does not mean spending more. It’s just a change where business is being done. This can include shopping online, by ordering for local pickup from a store instead of delivery from a corporate website. The local store, that pays taxes and employs locals workers, can often fulfill the order from their inventory.

“Every dollar we keep in the Quad Cities increases our collective success, and by working together, we all win,” Rumler said.

For more ways to support Keep It QC, visit this website.

Erin Platt from the Quad Cities Chamber joined Local 4 News at 4 on to give more information about the Keep It QC initiative.