Keeping pets safe for Halloween

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Before you dress up Fido or Fluffy in their frightfully finest, the Quad City Animal Welfare Center wants to remind you how to keep your pets comfortable and safe getting spooky for Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet:  

  • Do not dress up your pet unless they truly like it! Dressing up your pet can be scary and cause stress. Instead of dressing them up, fancy them up with Halloween themed bandana, collar or bow tie. 
  • Make costume wearing a positive experience! Introduce your pet to their costume before the big day. Offer treats and praise while your pet is “practicing” wearing their costume.  
  • Costumes should be safe! Make sure the costume is non-toxic. Avoid small using small accessories that could get chewed or swallowed.  
  • Costumes should be comfortable! Costumes should never limit your pet’s movement. They should be able to walk, lie down, bark, meow, and see clearly.  
  • Your pet should have on proper identification! Your pet should be always wearing visible identification. In the event you pet should lose its collar or tag, microchipping is always a great option. You can get you pet microchipped during the QCAWC Drive-Up Wellness Clinic held every Wednesday and the first Saturday of the month from 8:00-11:00 a.m. Click here for more information.
  • Watch your pets body language! Remember animals communicate with body language. Signs of discomfort include licking their lips, folding their ears back, tucking their tail, eyes looking sideways, and hunching over. If your pet appears to be stressed, take the costume off. 
  •  Take caution with your Halloween decorations! Halloween decorations can be harmful to pets. Some hazards are obvious like lit candles; chose battery-powered candles instead. Other potentially dangerous decorations are glow sticks, fake cobwebs, potpourri and string lights.
  • Stash the CANDY! Stash the candy in a locked or enclosed area that your pet cannot reach or open. Candy, including chocolate, gum and xylitol can be dangerous for your pet. 
  • Make sure your kids are not sharing their loot! Many times, children like to share with their pets or will leave items unattended. have a conversation with your family, reminding them candy can be harmful to your pets. 
  • Keep your pets inside! Opening the door repeatedly gives your pets a chance to accidently slip outside. Make sure you know where your pets are at all times. 

Follow these tips, and your furry friends can have some fang-tastic fun with the whole family!

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