Kewanee mother reunited with son after four years of being apart: ‘I’ve waited for this day for a long time’

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A mother and son are back together after spending years apart.

It’s a story we brought you last week during a special report on missing children.

Four years ago, newly-divorced Andrea DeJesus was living in Kewanee with her two young children.

Her son Teyo was two at the time.

DeJesus won custody of Teyo when she got divorced from his father, Malcone DeJesus.

She says Teyo’s father, who didn’t have custody, stripped him from her arms. All she was left with was one of his shoes.

Finally, two weeks ago, DeJesus received the call she had been hoping and praying for. The Urbana Sheriff’s Office called to let her know they had Teyo after receiving a tip that he and his father were staying there.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Unbelievable. I asked two, three times, ‘What did you say? Who has him? Where am I going?'” she said. “It’s still a shock.”

DeJesus immediately went to pick up Teyo at DCFS in Urbana.

“He looked a little confused,” she said. “They were telling him, ‘Let’s go see your mom,’ and he peeked around the corner, and he gave me a hug, but it wasn’t like a ‘I remember you’re my mom’ hug. It took him a minute.”

With Teyo back, her family is now complete.

“Like the missing piece of my heart is there. It’s back. I got my family back again, and my kids are my world,” she said.

Teyo’s sister Makiya was just as excited to see her brother again.

“We had to go into this room, and then when we first saw Teyo, I almost cried, and I played with him in the room,” she said.

DeJesus hasn’t let Teyo out of her sight since he has been back.

“He gets mad at me for holding his hand,” said DeJesus. “I have to hold his hand all the time, and he says, ‘But Mom, I just wanna walk.'”

It has been a little bit of an adjustment for Teyo since he has been back with his mom and sister.

“Since Thursday, when we picked him up, it’s been a drastic change in Teyo,” said DeJesus. “He’s sleeping in his own room, constantly eating food. He looks a lot better, and he’s so happy. He’s always got a smile.”

DeJesus says that it was a long four years, and it still feels too good to be true.

“Every time I wanted to give up, I kept pushing a little farther, and I finally reached the point where God has granted me my son.”

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