On Monday, April 11, the Kewanee Police Department reported that on March 19, 2022, they responded to a burglary in progress that resulted in the arrest of two people for several drug charges, weapons offenses, and theft charges.

In total, Kewanee Police seized approximately 2.5 pounds of cannabis, 2 ounces of cocaine, 1 ounce of hash butter, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, 4 handguns, 1 shotgun, a Polaris UTV, and over $8,800 in cash, according to a Monday release.

Dillon M. Schilling (courtesy of Kewanee Police Department)

Arrested for the incident were Dillon M. Schilling, 27, of Galva, Ill., and the homeowner, Ian W. Bliss, 22, of Kewanee.

At approximately 12:16 p.m., Kewanee Police received a call that a suspect had broken into the residence of 236 Wiley Avenue in Kewanee. The caller, a family member of Bliss, stated he was currently outside of the home and believed the suspect to still be inside. He informed police that Bliss was out of town and contacted him by phone to check on his residence after observing the suspect kick in the back door on his surveillance cameras.

Officers responded to the scene and located the suspect’s Polaris UTV parked outside the house with a loaded shotgun sitting on it. The suspect, later identified as Schilling, then exited the residence.

Officers placed him under arrest and located two loaded handguns on his person. A search of his Polaris UTV that he drove to the scene to commit the burglary revealed a third handgun, $1,380 in cash, approximately 100 grams of cannabis packaged for individual sale, and a drug ledger.

Schilling was later transported to the Henry County Jail, where he was held on the preliminary charges of armed violence (Class X Felony), residential burglary (Class 1 Felony), possession with intent to deliver cannabis 30-500 grams (Class 3 Felony), unlawful use of weapons (Class A Misdemeanor), misdemeanor theft, and misdemeanor possession of cannabis.

The Class X Felony carries a potential sentence of 6-30 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Schilling had a preliminary hearing on March 28, 2022. Probable cause was found and the case was set for a pre-trial conference on April 14, 2022. Schilling’s bond was set at $100,000. He posted $10,000 and has been released on bond.

It was determined during the initial investigation that Schilling went to the residence to steal drugs and money from Bliss, due to past drug transactions between the two men.

Officers were able to secure a search warrant for his residence. Officers located approximately 975 grams of cannabis, over 50 grams of cocaine, 28 grams of hash butter, cannabis edibles, digital scales, drug packaging materials, $7,423 in cash, multiple handgun magazines, and ammunition.

Ian Bliss (courtesy of Kewanee Police Department)

The items were all seized as evidence and transported to the Kewanee Police Department. Due to Bliss not being at the home during the incident, an arrest warrant for $150,000 was obtained for him. Bliss eventually turned himself in to authorities on March 30, 2022.

The formal charges against Bliss are possession with intent to deliver 15-100 grams of cocaine (Class X Felony), possession of 15-100 grams of cocaine (Class 1 Felony), possession with intent to deliver 500-2000 grams of cannabis (Class 2 Felony), and possession of cannabis 500-2000 grams (Class 3 Felony). He posted $15,000 and was released on bond. Bliss waived his preliminary hearing on April 4.

The case has been set for a pre-trial conference on May 19, 2022.