A local coffee shop in the Quad Cities will soon be in direct competition with two big business coffee shops.

KickServe Coffee, a tennis-themed coffee shop, will be opening up a new location on Avenue of the Cities in Moline.

The new location will be opening up right in between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

This will be the business’ second location and the owners are not shying away from the competition.

Tom Slininger and the KickServe team have been serving up coffee since the start of the pandemic.

So what made the local owners open up the coffee shop in between two coffee giants?

“Well its not easy, you know, Slininger said. “Like you said, our first shop opened up during the pandemic I think we’re just kind of used to that. I mean, what’s normal? So we just kind of adapt and we also understand our market.”

Making sure people in the Quad Cities and especially Moline get their coffee needs met.

Busniess is booming and a competitive nature is part of the KickServe theme.

“I’m from Moline and like you said it’s a local business,” Slininger said. “So I think we understand the market really well.”

The new KickServe location is planning to open sometime next week and at the latest by August 1.