Kids ages 5 to 11 may soon be able to get vaccinated for COVID-19

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Children may soon be able to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

On Friday, the FDA gave Pfizer the green light to give their vaccine to children ages 5 to 11.

Final approval now falls to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where it will come up for consideration Tuesday.

The vaccine for kids will be one-third the size of doses given to people 12 and older, and they will get it in two doses three weeks apart.

If the CDC approves it, health officials in Rock Island County can expect to have vaccine clinics for kids as soon as this week.

Local 4’s Matt Holderman spoke with Mariah Benson, the health department’s lead case manager, who explained more on what the vaccine for kids could mean for people right here in the Quad Cities.

“That’s, right now, just the line of defense that we have,” said Benson. “When people ask how to prevent it, that’s our number one thing to say.”

If approved, Benson says the vaccine will be available to young children across the country and locally.

“The Rock Island County Health Department does anticipate child vaccine clinics coming in the near future for children ages 5 to 11, potentially as early as next week,” said Benson. “We will put out any official word as soon as we know.”

Benson adds the vaccine for people ages 12 and older has helped bring down COVID-19 numbers in the Quad Cities, and she expects those numbers to lower as more people get vaccinated.

“Since people have started getting vaccinated, we have seen the numbers start to come down,” said Benson. “We do like to credit, and we definitely can say that vaccination has played a huge role, especially because more and more people are getting vaccinated.”

As of right now, Benson says vaccination rates are still too low.

“We haven’t reached the exact percentages that we want to reach — both locally here in the Quad Cities and as a state — yet,” said Benson.

The CDC will meet Tuesday to discuss approving the vaccine for kids.

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