Kids in isolation are at higher risk for abuse, advocates say

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Kids in isolation are at higher risk of being abused. That’s according to the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois.

They sent a letter this week to governor JB Pritzker asking for financial help so they can make sure they’re around for kids when the stay at home order is lifted.

Johanna Hager from Braveheart Children’s Advocacy center in Cambridge says once kids are back, teachers will need to be on the lookout for changes in their students that could show a sign of abuse.

“With this new COVID crisis, these children are locked down. I mean I’ve done interviews at least once a week since after the holidays. And for our small counties, that’s a lot. I’ve had not one call in the last two weeks,” Hager said. “So I don’t think child abuse went away, I just don’t think we’re hearing about it. If there’s a change in what they’re used to with their students, that could be indicative of something else. And you know it’s so interesting with kids. A lot of times it’s just someone they trust asking them ‘Hey are you ok? Do you need to talk? Do you need help with something?’ That might be enough to get them to open up about things that might be happening.”

The fundraisers held by the advocacy center scheduled for next month, Child Abuse Awareness Month, have been canceled in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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