Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney has announced the appointment of Maggie Crouch to be the next Chief Deputy County Clerk, replacing Nick Camlin, who has been elected the new County Treasurer. “Nick has been a true friend and a dedicated Chief Deputy, and I wish him all the best as the new County Treasurer. I’m happy we will continue to work together,” said Kinney.

“Crouch has been with the County Clerk’s Office since 2007 and is an expert in the election process and has great relationships with Election Judges,” said Kinney. It was important to her that next Chief Deputy County Clerk come from within the office because of the experience required to be successful. Crouch has worked multiple positions within the County Clerk’s Office, most recently with the Elections Department.

“I am happy to be promoted to this position,” said Crouch. “I am ready, willing and able to serve the people of Rock Island County as Chief Deputy County Clerk.” The responsibilities of the Chief Deputy include oversight of staff, budget management, payroll compilation and balancing of daily receipts, in addition to filling in when the County Clerk is unavailable.

Kinney looks forward to working with Crouch on procuring new election equipment and software during this term. Camlin has been working with Crouch to ensure she is prepared for her new administrative responsibilities. “The thing I’ve always appreciated about Maggie is that she pays attention to the details, which is a very important skill for this job, and I have absolute confidence in her abilities.”

The new terms for Sheriff, Clerk, and Treasurer begin December 1, 2022 and end November 30, 2026. Each elected official has the right to appoint the Chief Deputy for their office.