On Monday, Nov. 20th, 2023, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of a phone scam, stemming from a caller who claimed to be from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

The number on the caller ID came from “Knox County Admin Office,” according to a Monday release from the Sheriff’s Office. The subject was informed they had a Knox County warrant with a bond amount of $4,000. The caller advised the warrant could be taken care of with the settled amount of $2,000 in vouchers.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office says it will never call you to inform you of a warrant nor will they request money over the phone or request vouchers for payment.

If you are unsure if the person you are speaking to is employed by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, please hang up the phone and call the Sheriff’s Office (309-345-3733) to confirm the legitimacy of the call.