Residents in Knox County need to be aware of a new scam involving the sheriff’s office.

A news release from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office says they have received several calls today from residents who said they have received calls from a “SGT Levi Brown” from the Sheriff’s Office’s “warrants and citations division.” “SGT Brown” would demand a bond settlement from the caller while they were on the phone with him or face warrant arrest.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office will not call and demand money over the phone to avoid arrest. The Sheriff’s Office does not have a “warrants and citations” division. Knox County does not employ a “SGT Levi Brown.”

The Sheriff’s Office warns residents that it is common in these types of scams to use a legitimate law enforcement phone number that may be “spoofed” on your caller ID. If you receive a call from “SGT Brown” or anyone attempting a similar scam, hang up and call the Knox County Sheriff’s Office 24-hour non-emergency Public Safety number at (309) 343-9151.