Kwik Trip giving temporary pay raises to workers

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Grocery and convience store workers are at the frontline of the pandemic.

During this crisis Kwik Star is offering much needed raises to some area workers,

Retail workers and support center workers are getting $2.00 an hour for hours worked between last week and the third week in April.

Store leaders and drivers are also getting an extra $100 per week.

While people across the Quad Cities are being told to stay home, and avoid gatherings in large groups. All in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Brian Jones, Kwik Trip Store Leader, at the Dewitt location finds himself surrounded by hordes of customers.

“Being on the front line as you mentioned being out there when everyone else is being forced to stay home. We’re taking care of our guest and being at risk if you want to say,” says Jones.

In an acknowledgement of the uncomfortable position his job presents, Kwik Star Company is showing its appreciation by giving temporary pay raises to the staff.

“To provide that information to my coworkers, and how much of an impact it makes on them. A lot of the part time and some full time workers maybe paycheck to paycheck, and how much of a difference that makes in their life,” says Jones.

Jones says he understands the important of his job more than ever.

“When you come to work you want to feel like you’re valued, I think our company understands and represents themselves well,” says Jones.

Customers like Kimberly Kloss , say they are deserving of the pay increase during this time.

“I’m thankful for everyone who is still getting up and going to work everyday, and doing what they need to do,” says Kloss.

Kwik Trip is hiring 2,000 people right now. For anyone out of work, or for anyone who has been displaced from work the company is holding online hiring events.

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