The story of Carson King, the man whose College GameDay sign went viral when he asked people to Venmo him for Busch Light, has sparked a discussion on social media posts.

The Des Moines Register broke the news Tuesday evening that King had tweeted two racist jokes when he was 16 in 2012.

The Pro Fair at St. Ambrose University gave employers the opportunity to give tips on responsible social media use.

“Nothing leaves the Internet, make sure that you’re always watching what you’re posting,” said Bridget Melloy with Cottingham & Butler.

One big of advice is that something you post when you’re younger could cause a problem later on.

“You do grow older as you go through college and it could actually make you cringe at some of the things you’ve put out there,” said Kristi Hestness with Handicapped Development Center.

One employer said she looks at Facebook and Instagram before she hires a candidate.

“What you did in high school or early college may not be a direct reflection of you now, but it’s definitely out there,” said Addie Cline with Scribe America.