Landlord ‘didn’t care’ after daughter bitten by bat

Local News

A woman said her daughter was bitten by a bat while she was sleeping in their home – a house they were renting from Jones Lease Properties.

More tenants came forward with problems they’ve faced last week. This prompted Freda Williams to tell Local 4 what happened to her family.

Her 10-year-old daughter with down syndrome, Jayla, was bitten by a bat Aug. 13, 2017. She was eight at the time.

“They didn’t care, they were really heartless,” said Freda Matthews. “They really did not care and it was horrible because you could hear the bats. I would go there at night to check on my place, you could hear them going through the walls.”

Freda said she reached out multiple times to get the issue fixed, but she never received the help she wanted.

“No one seems to be able to do anything about Jones Lease Properties. They seem to be able to do whatever they want to do and it’s sad.”

Now, she’s hoping for a change.

“There just needs to be stricter rules on landlords,” she said. “How could they possibly just get away with treating people like that and there’s nothing that you can do about it?”

Matthews said her and her daughter are still recovering from everything that happened.

“We lost everything, but we gained, we gained you know our hearts got better.”

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