Davenport, Iowa — The warming weather as the area changes from Winter to Spring usually means more people will be outside working in their gardens.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and several stay-at-home orders, are people still gardening as often?

Local 4 News spoke with local garden centers and landscapers to see what they had to say.

According to Andy Kay, owner of The Green Thumbers in Davenport, this time of year accounts for around half of their yearly business.

He also says that things have not been great so far.

“Since this started, our sales are down about sixty percent.”

That decline in business also gets passed along to the hourly employees he has on staff this time of year.

“We typically build up staff this time of year. We’ll try to add 20 to 25 staff in the spring. The new people we’ve hired, we’ve put them on hold. And I’m trying to keep all of our staff working, giving them the hours they need to work.”

Kate Terrell, the general manager at Wallace’s Garden Center, says they have had to adapt to try and keep their business running while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

“We’ve closed to the public, which is surreal to us that we’re doing curbside. And we’ve adjusted even our growing patterns as far as far as how we’re heating and watering and lighting the plants.”

They have changed those patterns in an attempt to slow the growth of their plants, so they will be healthy when they reopen to the public.

However, both businesses still have hope.

“Greenhouses deal with terrible weather, flooding, snow on your busiest weekend. And we seem to always find a way to come out on the other end.”