Law enforcement conducts sex offender compliance checks before Halloween

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The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office joined forces with both state and local law enforcement agencies to conduct their annual sex offender compliance checks this Monday, Oct. 25. For the duration of the week, officers will go to registered sex offenders’ residences to verify residential, contact, and vehicle information to ensure the agencies have proper records of their whereabouts as Halloween approaches.

“I’m a parent myself and it’s nice to know the agency is being proactive and that they care about the citizens in the community, children as well,” said Kim Voda, a representative from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

The compliance checks also serve as a reminder of the rules these offenders must follow. Those on the registry are not allowed to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and are advised to keep their house lights off and stay away from their front door for the duration of trick-or-treating festivities in the community.

These rules apply even if the offender’s offense did not involve a minor. Officials with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office say, for the most part, those on the registry comply with protocol. These checks serve as a way to ensure those who struggle to do so are kept in check.

“Now and again we do have one that doesn’t like to follow rules,” Clinton County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sergeant Steve Cundiff said. “That is the whole purpose of this week is to make sure they know they have to follow rules that we make them accountable for it.”

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