Law enforcement preaches water safety as temperatures rise

Local News

The warmer weather has more people looking to go swimming, but because many pools around the area are closed because of COVID-19, people have to find others place to swim at.

“People are using these smaller tributaries to cool down, refresh, do a little swimming, do a little relaxing,” said Jeff Harrison, conservation officer for Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources. “However, any water safety no matter your backyard pool, Mississippi River or a small tributary like this you really need to pay attention to the water safety. Always have somebody with you, always have some kind of a throw object, whether it’s a life jacket, even a cooler will float if you needed to get to somebody.”

“We cannot stress enough personal flotation devices for each individual, be wearing them, understand and appreciate the hazards that are associated with the river,” said Bob Graff, Rock Island Fire Department assistant chief.

They want to remind people that you can never be too careful around the water.

“It doesn’t matter how strong you are, how small you are, how big you are, if you’re an Olympic swimmer. If you get caught in an issue of danger or you hit your head, you have an injury, there’s a strainer, the water changes directions, it can over come you very quickly. Don’t take that chance,” said Harrison.

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