On Thursday, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and Warren County Sheriff’s Office, with help from the Monmouth Police Department, Galesburg Police Department, Macomb Police Department, and FBI Taskforce, executed search warrants in the 1400 block of South D Street in Monmouth and in the 2600 block of 90th Street in Gerlaw.

During the searchs, detectives found stolen catalytic converters, catalytic converter parts, documents and receipts. They also seized U.S. currency and assets that totaled about $200,000.

A 23-year-old man at the Gerlaw address was questioned and released, but no charges were filed.

The search warrant was part of an ongoing joint investigation by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Galesburg Police Department, Monmouth Police Department, Macomb Police Department, Knox County State’s Attorney’s Office, and the Warren County State’s Attorney’s Office.