Lawyers are working through a lawsuit filed by the City of Silvis, its mayor and city clerk.

The plaintiffs want a recording of a closed session held by city council members without the plaintiffs earlier this month.

A hearing scheduled for this week in Rock Island County Court has been postponed.

The city’s labor attorney is the defendant in the lawsuit. In response to documents filed Monday in Rock Island County Court, attorney Allison Wright filed a motion to dismiss, arguing the complainant “fails to plead facts showing a clearly ascertainable right to injunctive relief.”

Wright told Local 4 News last week that she gave the recording to an unnamed council member.

At a council meeting last week, Mayor Matthew Carter took heat for removing Wright from her role as city attorney. He replaced her with the firm Ancel Glink P.C. from Chicago, represented by Keri-Lyn J. Krafthefer.

Council members objected, saying Krafthefer has a conflict of interest because she represented Carter.

On Monday, Local 4 News spoke to Krafthefer, who says she never personally represented the mayor or the City of Silvis, but did answer a question about open-records law from Carter.

“I have never had an attorney-client relationship with Mayor Carter, nor has any attorney at my firm. We’ve never represented him personally, and actually as a result of those conversations told him he needed an attorney, so I don’t think there is a conflict of interest,” she said.

Krafthefer says she and Wright worked Monday to clear up the issues involving the conflict of interest.

“One of the things we’ve been really pressing on are the specific allegations against the mayor because to my knowledge, there’s not a written complaint against him anywhere in the city’s files. No, I’m not understanding the basis for concerns about him,” Krafthefer said.

Carter says he still is struggling to understand what the allegations may be. “From the very beginning, it’s been a moving target,” he said.

All of this centered on a closed meeting Feb. 7 involving city council members, but not the mayor or the city clerk.

Meanwhile, exactly who will represent the city legally going forward could heat back up Wednesday night during a city personnel committee hearing. Local 4 News will continue to follow these issues.