Dr. Greg Rasmussen, a 2023 Indianapolis Prize nominee and founder and executive director of the Painted Dog Research Trust (PDRT) in Zimbabwe, will give a free lecture on painted dogs at 12 p.m. on Friday at Augustana College’s Hanson Hall, room 234. He will discuss the current state of the painted dog population, unrelenting threats to their survival, and the vigorous efforts of PDRT to save them from extinction. The event is open to students, faculty and staff and is hosted by Augustana’s environmental studies and biology departments and Niabi Zoo.

Dr. Rasmussen has studied the African painted dog in Zimbabwe for over 30 years, leading to the longest study into this endangered species. He formed PDRT to study these top-level predators and their role in the health of the local ecosystem. He works with local residents to understand their relationship to the dogs and protect these endangered canines. He supervises research for local students as well as international college students.

Hanson Hall is located at 738 35th Street in Rock Island.