World renowned Violinist, Jesus Florido has been practicing with the Rock Island Orchestra this week and will perform with them in their next concert.

It took two years for Orchestra Director, Matthew Manweiler to book Florido. Bringing Florido in to talk to the students has opened the door to learning about all different heritages.

“A lot of the stuff that we normally do in orchestra is western European classical stuff so we’re trying to break out other parts of the world.” Manweiler sad. “So a lot of our stuff is from Venezuela, from Central America, and is really dealing with the cultural groove and styles of music.”

Florido loves teaching kids and is really excited to perform with them in the concert.

“I’ve been working with them, coaching them on technical parts of the music. Sharing a little bit of my story.” said Florido. “What I call the war stories, you know stories from the road, stories from people that I worked with you know. They’re gonna be performing some pieces I wrote. It’s very important to share the stage because when we are on the stage we are one.”

The students were in awe learning about Florido coming to teach them and perform along side them. They have learned a lot and it gave them the perspective of seeing how anyone can be successful if they put in the hard work.

The performance is tomorrow night in the Rock Island High School Auditorium.