Local communities continue to take action related to the merger proposal between Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern railroads.

LeClaire city council members voted Tuesday night to accept $750,000 in exchange for not blocking the deal.

The city will receive the money if the merger receives final approval

The vote was unanimous.

Mayor Dennis Gerard said that ultimately the decision was out of their hands.

“You can have local input — residents, busineses, communitites can have input — to the surface transportation board, but it’s not a local decision, it’s not a state decision,” Gerard said. “It’s a federal decision as to whether they agree to the merger or not.”

The railroad merger is expected to triple train traffic all along the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities.

The money would be used to improve crossings and add noise barriers.

And although the city did accept the funds, That didn’t stop people from expressing concern. Here’s a sampling:

  • “Our income depends on those people that come across the tracks and come into the museum”
  • “First of all, the cars are getting taller and longer and as we just heard, heavier, and I haven’t heard anyone address the question of vibrations, which is a terrible problem down on Canal Shore Drive”

So far, Davenport, Bettendorf and Muscatine have accepted funds from the railroad.

Only Camanche has yet to accept a settlement from the railroad.

A hearing for the merger is set for September 13.