LeClaire businesses still feeling positive, negative effects of COVID-19

Local News

A nice day in LeClaire means more customers for some businesses.

“The first couple weeks when the big shutdown happened, it was super slow, but then after that everybody kind of got stir crazy and starting coming out and business picked back up and we’ve been doing great ever since,” said Michel Hunter, What BBQ co-owner.

They’ve seen plenty of new customers.

“We get people from all over the U.S. driving through and just stopping in and just trying to have some normalcy to their life,” Hunter said.

The co-owner of Cody Road Coffee said business has been busy for her store throughout the pandemic.

“I’ve been telling people that if you’re ready to be somewhat back to normal, come to LeClaire on a weekend because you kind of forget that COVID is even a thing,” said Sheila Volrath.

But, others see it differently.

“No business can go without the revenue of the customers,” said Mary Chambers, Razzleberries owner. “It’s kind of a fact of life that if you have a place that you’re selling things in your business, you need to have the revenue to continue the business.”

And a busy business is something Razzleberries has been missing.

“It’s a scary time and we’re all trying to be positive and remain positive, trying to help each other and you know just remember to not forget the places that you love, you’ve got to help support them with your dollars,” Chambers said.

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