LeClaire council: ‘We need answers’ on train derailment

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LeClaire city council met Monday for the first time since the derailment and they’re now asking Canadian Pacific to explain what went wrong.

One council member says he’s been concerned for a while about how fast some trains move through the city.

The city is now starting to look at ways to stop this from happening again.

“Someone was looking down on us that day, absolutely and nobody around to get hurt.”

Those were the remarks of LeClaire’s Mayor Ray Allen about Friday morning’s derailment.

City officials would like to get answers to their questions and find out if speed was a factor.

“I am concerned about the speed issue — not so much as to being the cause of the accident but it just seems like speed makes the result of an accident like that much worse than it would be,” Allen said.

It seems to be that the speed of the trains has been an issue in the past.

“Ask them to slow down, so it’s not something that just goes 40 MPH through here… whatever,” council member Barry Long said. “It is a concern that we’ve had for a long time.”

The mayor would like to talk with Canadian Pacific in regards to safety when passing through LeClaire.

“And I do think it’s fair that some kind of discussion goes on with the railroad about speeds through our town,” Allen said.

City council said it may be tough getting answers but one thing is for sure: They did a great job cleaning up the mess.

“They can be very difficult to work with, but I will say this: They did an awesome job as well… they cleaned up the huge mess in a short period of time,” Allen said. “It was incredible what they did.”

Overall the city council would like to make sure that an incident like this does happen again.

“The railroad will assure this will not happen again. I know accidents happen, but this can’t happen again,” Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Gerard said. “If that means they need to reduce their speed — to the mayor’s point — reduce the risk by reducing their speed through town… we need answers.”

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